The Russ Gibb Digital Media Center

Previously Known As WDHS Productions

Grandpa's List

Johnny's grandfather just past away and while cleaning out his house, Johnny finds a list with only acts of kindness on it. Feeling as though he did't really know who his grandfather was, Johnny performs all the tasks on the list to feel a little more connected.

Cast: Anthony Mifsud, Kurt Doelle, Sue Shamseddine, MaryKay Kubicek, Michael Schmitt, Hala Bazzi, Ronald Jones, Susan Dobbs, Troy Ogle

Crew: Caleb Rice - Director/ Writer, William Dobbs - Assistant Director/ Writer/ Camera, Gadeer Alkhafaji - Executive Producer, Elijha Jefferson - Producer/ Sound, Jack Fish - Director of Photography/ Camera, Sema Alsaid - Camera, Angel Goethals - Camera/ Lighting, Richard Cialone - Lighting, Ali Bazzi - Sound, Davina Loving - Lighting, Kurt Doelle - Sound, Madison Murdoch - Preproduction Producer, Luke Levangie - Lighting

Special Thanks: Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church, Westborn Market, The Kubicek Family, The Alsaid Family, Carl Bryer, La Fork, Ronald and Fay Jones, The Goethals Family

The Needle Drop

A young heroin addict and his girlfriend are expecting an illegitimate child, and the addict has to find a way to kick his addiction in order for his girlfriend to keep the child. WDHS Does NOT condone the use of drugs; however we feel that the heroin epidemic needs to be acknowledge and corrected.

Cast: Jack Fish, Sandra Alaziz

Crew: Ali Bazzi - Director/ Writer/ Editor, William Dobbs - Assistant Director/ Writer/ Camera/ Editor, Alex Best - Director of Photography/ Camera, Curran Landon - Camera, Kurt Doelle - Camera, Jana Jaber - Producer, Sandra Alaziz - Producer, Jack Fish - Camera, Ben Grajek - Lighting/ Set Design, Luke Levangie - Set Design/ Lighting, Alex Osborne - Sound

Special Thanks: City of Dearborn, Big Boy Restaurant

Wrong Place Wrong Time

Sam Benson is just an average high school student. There's just one odd thing about him- he always seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. When police come looking for him he must find help to prove his innocence.

Cast: William Coleman, Davina loving, Kurt Doelle, Peter Behm, Alex Best, Kelly Dear, Kassim Darwish

Crew: Peter Behm - Director/ Writer/ Sound/ Camera/ Lighting, Ben Dear - Director/ Camera/ Sound, Anthony Shruga-Blin - Editor, Alex Best - Director of Photography/ Camera/ Writer, Jana Jaber - Producer/ Sound/ Lighting

Special Thanks: DFCU Financial, Dearborn Police Department, Dearborn High School, The Dear Family

Super Scrap

In the 84th annual scrapbooking tournament, two stay-at-home dads go head to head in order to win a lifetime membership to Jo-Ann Fabric. However unbeknownst to them the legendary All-State champion Polaroid Pete is coming out of retirement for one last job. 

Cast: Mr. Tebo, Mr. Atkins, Mr. Palise, Ms. Phillips, Caleb Rice

Crew: Madison Murdoch - Director/ Writer, Jack Blanzy - Director/ Writer, Jack Fish - Camera, Michael Berry - Camera, Ben Grajek - Lighting, Curran Landon - Editor, Aliyah Borntraeger - Producer, Brianna Hansen - Producer

Special Thanks: Michael Berry Career Center


More Punch

In the world where two brothers are in constant state of competition, one brother sets out to outdue the other.  A proposed date with a celebrity girl will ramp up the jealous between these two to a whole new level.

Cast: Lance Duncan, Sasha Washington, Connor Piziali

Crew: Madison Murdoch - Director, Anthony Shruga - Blin - Director/ Editor, Jack Fish - Camera, Angel Goethals - Camera, Anthony Mifsud - Sound, Kurt Doelle - Writer

Special Thanks: The Doelle Family

Lollipop Love

Two people get set up on a blind date. After all the talking, laughing, and drinking coffee, has the blind date sparked a flame in Jessica's and Tyler's hearts?

Cast: Grace Cooley, Caleb Rice, Grace Kolongowski, Elijha Jefferson

Crew: Caleb Rice - Director/ Writer/ Sound/ Camera/ Editor, Grace Cooley - Assistant Director/ Costume Design/ Camera, Elijha Jefferson - Camera/ Sound/ Lighting, John Cooley - Sound/ Lighting, Sema Alsaid - Director of Photography/ Camera

Special Thanks: Common Grace Coffee, The Cooley Family

Four Guys Eyes On The Prize

Four friends are tired of being "uncool" and think of several devious plans that will send them to the top of the popularity charts.

Cast: Isaiah Goddard, Hamzah Saleh, Tarik Beydoun, DeWayne Clay, Hala Bazzi, Gadeer Alkhafaji

Crew: Elijha Jefferson - Director/ Writer, Gadeer Alkhafaji - Producer, Hamzah Saleh - Producer, Caleb Rice - Lighting, Angel Goethals - Camera, Hala Bazzi - Producer, Kurt Doelle - Camera/ Editor, Peter Behm - Camera, Alex Best - Camera


When a man is being haunted in his dreams by an unknown entity, it leads him to take unusual measures to eradicate this demon. When he learns that he can take things from the real world into the dream world, he decides that night he's had enough.

Cast: Alex Osborne

Crew: Sema Alsaid - Writer/ Director/ Camera/ Editor, Michael Berry - Director/ Writer/ Director of Photography/ Camera/ Editor/ Lighting, Jack Fish - Camera, Salim Tamim - Visual Effects

Special Thanks: The Doelle Family,