The Russ Gibb Digital Media Center

Previously Known As WDHS Productions

Russ Gibb and Kurt Doelle

Russ Gibb and Kurt Doelle

The Russ Gibb Digital Media Center was renamed in 2017 at the Michael A. Guido Theater after previously being known as WDHS Student Productions. The program  was named after one of the founders of the program, Russ Gibb.  The second founder was Michael Berry.

In the beginning, there was Russ. And the educational system was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the classroom.

And the voice of Russ moved upon the empty desks and said, “Uhh… uhh… Let there be television sets.” Russ said, “This will be the most powerful invention of all time.” Russ watched the television. He saw that it was good: but he soon became tired of Green Acres reruns. This was the first day.

And Russ said,” Let there be video cameras and tapes:” and they were so. Russ called them Sony brand, and he saw that it was good. This was the second day.

And Russ said, “Let there be a Sony editing deck which will bring forth works of the best kind.” He saw that it was good. And Russ set this all in the classroom. This was the third day.

And behold, Russ needeth companionship: so he said,” Let there be students with like minds. And they shall be called Gibblets, who will drape themselves in darkness and the males shall be lacking in hair of the crown.” And Russ said unto them,” Be creative and entertaining. Of this studio thou mayest freely reign. But if thou turneth in thy video late, thou shalt surely get an E! And thou shalt call me sir.” This was the fourth day.

On the fifth day Russ said,” Let there be a black lounge chair, peanut M & M’s, Diet Coke, and the clicker thing.” And Russ saw everything that he made and behold, it was very good. Thus, WDHS was completeth. This was the fifth day.

And on the sixth day, one day early, Russ ended his work and rested on the sixth day from all the work which he had made. Russ then seateth himself in his black chair and consumeth of the peanut M & M’s and also of the Diet Coke and sangeth softly his favourite song, The shades of night were falling fast but I got a good look anyway.

After an the unbelievable era of Russ, a new, young and hip man took over the studio. His name would be known for nearly 20 years at Dearborn High School. Kurt Doelle. Kurt innovated the world of WDHS as all student’s knew it. He worked endlessly with the Dearborn Cable Fund as well as his students to ensure that not only did they have the best equipment to work with but that they have the best futures that the could possibly have. Kurt put the studio and the students above everything. Anything that was requested, he would accomplish. Showing up to work at 5am and not leaving some nights until 10pm or 11pm, the studio reached an all time high with student achievement. It is because of Mr. Doelle that so many students were able to win Student Emmy Awards and to strive for many years after high school. Kurt retired in 2018 and left a lasting impact on WDHS forever.

After the amazing era of Kurt, the third instructor of WDHS has taken his roots. Adam Rauscher is now the man with the legacy of the program in his hands and is sure to do a fantastic job.

Adam Rauscher

Adam Rauscher

Written by Nicole LaDouceur – 1989 Graduate

Written by Caleb Rice – 2018 Graduate